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Multifamily, Student Housing, Build-For-Rent

Building At A Higher Altitude

Alta Terra Real Estate (ATRE) is a passionate real estate investor and developer. We believe the built-environment has an immense impact on communities, families, businesses, and individuals. ATRE was founded to create and capture the value of the built-environment. 


Our focus and investment expertise are rooted within three residential product types: multifamily, build-for-rent, and student housing. ATRE developments are uniquely positioned to deliver as much value to our tenants and hosting neighborhoods as they do to our investors. We are committed to designing a product, brand and operating program that is complimentary and accretive to the community and tenant base of each target market. 

We are investors first and foremost. Our unique process leads to investment strategies that target specific demand utilizing tailored physical products and operational strategies.

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