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Multifamily, Student Housing, Build For Rent

Alta Terra identifies investment opportunities in underserved housing markets through the analysis of demographic and economic data. This data driven approach to developing an investment thesis is executed upon by a tenured team of professionals via a principled and disciplined process. We develop and curate a tailored residential experience that aligns with the lifestyle and demand drives of our target renter demographic. 

Alta Terra takes a sophisticated approach to a thoughtful product, a well-organized operating program, and unwavering attention to fundamentally sound investment underwriting. Our investment strategy is based on five fundamentals principals:

Alta Terra Investment Approach (1).png

Alta Terra Development Strategies


Alta Terra delivers a unique experience through a well-planned development, thoughtful brand and targeted operating programs.

Student Housing

Every student body and the housing market that serves it are dynamic and unique. We tailor spaces, brand identity, and operational details to meet each student body's demands.


ATRE develops purpose-built single-family rental communities that create a sense of place. Our BFR homes are strategically located in connection to transportation hubs, access to employment centers and entertainment.



The Alta Terra Team enjoys the challenge of sourcing the right parcels to develop and properties to acquire. Our Team has unmatched insight when it comes to fitting all the puzzle pieces: Asset Class, Develop & Purchase, Area Demographics, etc 

Property Sourcing | Financing & Capital Raising


Managing select assets for maximum profitability is an art. It requires skill in delivering a positive resident experience, operational excellence and financial management. Alta Terra excels in ensuring our portfolio operates efficiently and cost-effectively. 

 Leasing & Lifestyle Programming | Financial Management



Even the simplest projects require careful planning and oversight. The ATRE Team are experts in all areas of project management.

Contract and Agreement Negotiation | Lifecycle Scheduling | Design Management | Construction Management | Interior Design | Consultant Relations

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